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Business and Value Assessment

Business and Value Assessment

The Business and Value Assessment Report is a tool used to determine the expected range of value from a sale of the business, while identifying any risks that may be identified by a buyer that could impact the sale price or even the ability to sell the business. The Business and Value Assessment Report you receive will include:

  • Key investment merits of the business;
  • Potential risk factors (from the buyer’s point of view);
  • Financial model with adjusted financial statements;
  • Market assessment of the M&A market in general and your industry, in particular; and
  • Assessment of value (using discounted cash flow, as well as public company and comparable transaction metrics) and timing implications.

This report may also help you implement value drivers to enhance the value of your business for a possible future sale.

A Business and Value Assessment Report costs $7,500 and can generally be completed within 2 to 3 weeks of receiving the information we request from you.