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More Growth, More Profit Using Information You Already Have

More Growth, More Profit Using Information You Already Have

Many small business owners struggle to maintain their company’s growth and increase their profitability. Something you may grapple with is understanding why something is not working – or even more importantly, what IS working that you should do more of.  Your financial statements may have the answers. But as my friend, Marty Croyle, knows from first hand experience working with hundreds of business owners during his career as a CPA, many business owners can’t make sense of their financials, and have even less understanding about how to use this information to influence their company’s strategic direction and to become more profitable.

As the business owner and CEO, you are great at running your business, but may not have received financial training. You know the bank wants to see your financials and you need them to do your taxes, but beyond that, you’re most concerned with keeping the cash flowing.  Marty recently launched the Croyle Financial Academy, and I hope you’ll consider taking some of your valuable time to attend. Through a combination of lecture, case studies, and discussions with other business owners, you’ll learn:

  • What is financial reporting and why do I ignore it?
  • Why isn’t my company more profitable?
  • How financially stable is my company?
  • If cash is king, why don’t I forecast cashflow?
  • Why data should my company be measuring (metrics and key performance indicators)?
  • Where is my company headed (budget overview)?
  • How do I improve my profitability and cash flows?
  • I’d like to sell my company for top dollar some day – how are profitability and sale price linked?

The time you spend at Croyle Financial Academy will help you generate more cash flow today, and more value tomorrow. Get more information, as well as a free eBook titled “How to Overcome The 5 Reasons CEOs Ignore Their Financials” at https://www.croylefinancial.com/. Don’t wait! The next session starts in early November, and is sure to sell out.


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